10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Merlin

Auto-compound your assets. Earn BTCB, ETH, BNB & extra MERL

Talking about cryptocurrencies cannot be separated from mining, trading, investing, and payment activities. Now many people are starting to transact using bitcoin and altcoins, often using them as investment tools and turning them into trading commodities. Cryptocurrencies offer quite lucrative benefits, especially when viewed from an increasingly promising value increase system, for example, Bitcoin managed to rise significantly enough to create a new ATH (All-Time High) on April 14, 2021 (2 months ago) with a price reaching $64,863.10.

As technology develops in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the ways to profit from the crypto world are increasing. At first, we may only know mining and trading, which we know require experience, knowledge, supporting tools, and quite a lot of operational costs. An alternative that can be used is to use staking coins, which is a way to get additional coins without using complicated mining tools, making it easier and cheaper.

Actually, is coin staking a profitable activity?

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It can be said that staking can provide quite a lot of benefits. If you do staking coins then you can get passive income without large operational funds and without complicated mining equipment, with lower risk than trading or mining.

So, what is a safe and reliable staking platform?

Functions and solutions offered

The increasing popularity of DeFi has become a new attraction in the cryptocurrency world. However, the increasing variety of DeFi products has not been accompanied by comparable developments regarding security and functional farming platforms that provide services on one platform.
That’s one of the reasons why Merlin was here.

Merlin strives to maximize the functionality of the platform by providing a complete and secure service so that with one click you can enjoy many features. As a commitment to provide functional and effective services, Merlin has built: 1) Yield aggregators that help you combine assets automatically; 2) An ecosystem that helps you earn more major cryptocurrencies by staking MERL.


Merlin strives to increase the freedom, accessibility, and effectiveness of the platform to meet all user needs in the DeFi ecosystem. Technologies developed include:

  • Building a comprehensive product range across the chain
  • Optimize protocol security and resilience through audits, multi-signature schemes, and periodic security updates
  • Expanding the utility of the Merl token token
  • Continuous deflation mechanism to control token supply
  • Create accessible blockchain products through user-centricity

By the way, there are many advantages offered by Merlin for you. And here are 10 reasons why you should choose Merlin

1. Audited platform with the highest returns

Merlin is committed to building a platform that is highly functional, secure, and provides maximum benefits. So far, you can enjoy a yield aggregator that you can use to pool assets automatically. To realize the level of safety and success of the ecosystem, Merlin conducts regular audits. The first audit was conducted by Hacken Cybersecurity, the results were very satisfactory with a WELL-SECURED rating.

Not only that, to improve security, Merlin currently working on an audit collaboration with Certik and Haechi Labs.

2. Auto-compound your assets

Merlin has built a yield aggregator that helps users combine assets automatically. So you can maximize the functional DeFi platform in one click. This can reduce transaction costs so as to increase profits with the right and safe strategy. This potential ecosystem can help you earn more major cryptocurrencies.

3. Many wallets connected to Merl

Merl token is integrated with many wallets, this gives you many options to choose the wallet that suits your needs. There are six wallets that you can use, which one is your favorite?

4. Merl token real-time updates on influential and trusted websites

You can monitor Merl’s progress on the biggest platforms in crypto analytics: CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. This is one proof that Merlin is a potential and quality project. You can find the latest information regarding changes in Merl prices globally on the two websites. And you can easily calculate in real-time through the calculator on CoinGecko.

5. Listed on Pancakeswap

Currently, Merl is traded on Pancakeswap. If you are interested in buying one, make sure you have enough BNB for gas, and use the following Merl-BNB pools: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xDA360309C59CB8C434b28A91b823344a96444278

To develop the market, Merl will also list on more exchanges, both decentralized and centralized.

6. Has the highest APY yield aggregator in BSC

APY or Annual Percentage Yield is compound interest earned on investments for a period of 1 year.
The combined APY at Merlin does keep changing, but it’s become the highest. APY is calculated based on exponential growth, which means… the longer you keep tokens in the Merlin vault, the bigger your rewards.

7. Give a 20% higher proportion of your rewards to CAKE

Let’s make the most of this to get more Cake. What are you waiting for?

8. MERL overall supply is more controlled as it will be reduced by 16%

This is one way to control inflation. In an effort to maintain and increase market prices.

9. Profitable partner

One of the good achievements is the collaboration with SCV finance — cross-chain DeFi portfolio — you can easily check the progress of your assets.

10. Buyback and burn

To boost the development of market prices, there will be a buyback and burning system. Scarcity is an important economic concept, it plays a big role in the increase in value. Moreover, Merlin continues to develop and innovate. Coin burning is the most effective method of increasing and stabilizing the valuation of coins and tokens. Stability will give investors a greater incentive than usual and keep the coin price at a level that is more profitable later. Economic principles are also explained, reducing the quantity of something will make it much more valuable.

Those are some important reasons why Merlin deserves to be included in your portfolio. With an ideal ecosystem, auto compounding, transparent, large APY, and definitely audited, it provides a lot of conveniences and increases user trust. There are still many targets to be achieved, and there are still many interesting surprises.

If you are interested, please read the whitepaper from Merlin which you can see here https://merlinlab.gitbook.io/merlin/

To connect with this ecosystem, please use Merlin’s official social media below

Website: https://www.merlinlab.com/farm
Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/merlinannouncements
Telegram Community: https://t.me/merlinlab
Telegram Bounty Rewards Group: https://t.me/merlinbounty
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MerlinLab_
Medium: https://link.medium.com/1ZQChjhFIfb

This is not investment advice, this article is for informational purposes only. Please do an in-depth analysis before joining any project.


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