16 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hashmart

Easy to use Bitcoin Mining

Mining is one way to get bitcoin and altcoin by mining using an integrated set of tools to describe the algorithm. Devices needed include CPU, GPU, FPGA, ASIC and mining software. As it develops, mining is becoming more popular so that many developers provide cloud mining services, so for those of you who don’t have personal mining tools, you can use the service. One of the cloud mining service providers is Hashmart.

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Hashmart is a cloud mining service that is safe, reliable and easy to use. Services and facilities are complete, you are free to choose a service fee with the payment system in any way you want. Mining starts immediately after payment.

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I summarize 16 important reasons why you should choose Hashmart:

  1. Having 15.5 Ph/s of total mining power
    Mining power determines the speed of the mining process. The unit of speed in the mining process is called Hashrate. The higher the hasrate, the more bitcoin you can get per unit of time. Hashmart provides cloud mining services with a hash rate of 15.5 Ph/s.
    1 PH / s (MapHash per second) = 1000 TH / s (TeraHash per second)
    1 TH /s (Tera Hash per second) = 1000 GH / s (Giga Hash per second)
    1 GH /s (Giga Hash per second) = 1000 MH / s (Mega Hash per second)
    1 MH /s (Mega Hash per second) = 1000 KH / s (Kilo Hash per second)
    So when combined like this:
    1 PH /s=1000TH/s=1000000 GH/s=1000000000 MH/s= 1000000000000 KH/s
  2. Over 1,000 active miners
    Hashmart provides a lot of convenience for the miners. So do not be surprised if until now there are more than 1000 active miners in the Hashmart ecosystem. With this wide network, it has proven that Hashmart is a safe and trusted cloud mining service, and is certainly profitable.
  3. 99.97% uptime and 24/7 customer support
    You don’t need to worry if there are technical problems, complaints, or things that make you confused about mining using Hashmart because the Hashmart support system is very responsive 24/7. At the bottom right of the website, you will find a direct link to your official Hashmart account. Chat via chatbox that is connected directly to the telegram makes it easy for you to connect directly with the admin.
  4. Launched two years ago
    Hashmart has been operating for two years. Construction of facilities, purchase of mining equipment and other necessities at wholesale prices was carried out before a significant spike in 2017. So that Hashmart can still provide the best and cheaper prices compared to other cloud mining which raises costs afterwards.
  5. No service fees
    There are no additional costs for orders, payments, or crypto withdrawals. There is no registration fee. You only need to pay for the purchased hashrate. Hashmart provides fair services.
  6. No withdrawal costs and limitations
    There are no fees and limits for withdrawals. Whatever you want, that’s what you get according to the terms of service you choose.
  7. Daily payouts
    You will get paid every day. The first payment will be credited to your account after 24 hours you agree to the contract.
  8. A real-time demo account
    If you are still unsure or confused, you can try a Demo account and you will be able to feel the real Hashmart service. Fortunately, you can withdraw from a Demo account only by buying at least 0.3 Th / s on your account.
  9. Latest ASIC chips
    With the latest mining equipment, the mining process becomes more efficient and can certainly be more profitable for users. Currently, Hashmart only provides Bitcoin cloud mining services using the SHA256 mining algorithm, while for other large altcoin cloud mining will be added soon.
  10. 5% commissions from the Affiliate program
    You also have the opportunity to increase profits through the Affiliate program. You have the opportunity to get 5% commission from every involved customer you invite. You can read the terms and conditions here
  11. Experienced team
    A professional and experienced team of more than six years in cryptocurrency mining is ready to serve you. You don’t need to bother thinking about various other additional costs related to mining treatment, just by choosing and agreeing to the available contracts, you can get profit by sitting still.
  12. Strategic mining location-Siberia
    As we know, mining equipment generates heat. Need special handling to maintain the stability and comfort of the room temperature. Costs and equipment are not insignificant to get the optimal ecosystem. That is why Hashmart’s mining equipment facility is located in Siberia. Siberia is one of the coldest places in the world. Electricity costs are cheaper so Hashmart can keep the lowest prices.
  13. Open-ended contract
    If you are worried about your investment if at any time the price of bitcoin falls deeply, you can choose this open-ended contract service. Open-ended contracts are very useful for maintaining the diversification of your investment. Another contract you can choose is

14. Zero downtime risk
No need to worry about technical problems that will interfere with your chances of making a profit.

15. Technology from industry-leading companies-Bitmain
Bitmain is a private company located in China, which focuses on developing ASIC to mine Bitcoin. This strong support guarantees the quality of service and investment effectiveness that you will get. Hashmart always tries to give the best.

16. Mining starts immediately after payment
The mining process will start immediately after you make a contract and you will get the first payment within 24 hours. Payment will be made daily.

Those are the 16 reasons you can consider to determine investment with Hashmart. There is no compulsion. Remember, this is only my personal opinion based on the facts and information available. Always do a personal analysis, DWYOR. If you are interested, do a deeper analysis and visit the official Hashmart website.

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