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8 Reason Why You Should Choose NetBox.Global

The first decentralized blockchain-backed web browser

In modern life, the internet has become a necessity for everyone. The role of the internet is very strong as a means of communication in the digital age. Communication via the internet is very effective so that it can build communication without borders, across countries and even continents, and not limited by time. This communication can be used to share information through blogs or personal websites, through social media, can be in the form of audio/visual / a combination of both. This is a form of human existence as social beings who always communicate. So that in its development, the internet plays a major role in the means of communication and entertainment, in a special function can be a field of work.

If we talk about the internet, it cannot be separated from the web browser. In short, the Web Browser is an application or software that is used to retrieve, present, and traverse various sources of information that are in the internet network. As one of the main weapons, the Web Browser continues to develop, which initially can only provide information in the form of text, now can provide more complex information, in the form of text, images, and videos. There are various kinds of web browser tools that are now used such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and so on.

Web Browser is an application used to view and interact with web pages and to navigate between them. (John Daintith and Edmund Wright: A Dictionary of Computing-6 ed)

A brief history and problems that develop in the Web Browser

Berners Lee was a scientist who first developed a web browser, until the first web browser called WorldWideWeb, was created in 1991. Then the development of the web browser continued, in 1993, Marc Andreessen, a University of Illinois student, created a graphical web browser called Mosaic The next journey of web browser development can be seen from the following table.

The development of web browsers

This innovation allows internet users to carry out various activities such as shopping online, checking email, or conducting banking transactions online with a single web browser. Easy and simple right? However, the diversity of these functions raises weaknesses. The browser is the target of attacks by hackers. The existence of many gaps in PHP scripts, flash plug-ins or errors in programs open the door for the entry of destructive programs to steal information, user data, destroy files, and other malicious activities.

Prospects for blockchain technology used in Web Browsers

Blockchain is a unique innovation that is fully automatic, secure and free. The blockchain system allows for transactions where one party starts the process by creating a block. The block is verified by thousands and even millions of computers distributed on the internet. The verified blocks are then added to the chain distributed in a special network, forming a unique record. That is why it is called the blockchain.

The key is: Free!

Blockchain can replace all processes and business models that depend on processes that require costs. Thus, the existence of third party interference can be avoided, this minimizes the chances of a problem of leakage of user data and privacy. Blockchain-based browsers allow the system to store browsing information in such a way that privacy is truly in the hands of users without third party interference. So, if implemented in the Web Browser system will be very effective. Is not it?

That is one of the fundamental things that made #NetboxGlobal develop a decentralized blockchain-backed web browser. Providing comfort and safety to users, maintaining privacy and providing a variety of functional features.

Let’s learn more about Netbox.Browser!

Why you should choose Netbox.Browser

Netbox.Browser is a decentralized blockchain-backed web browser that is fully transparent and distributed, managed and stored without using a central server, neatly processed in the Netbox.Chain blockchain structure. The #Netbox_Browser application is available for PCs and mobile devices, its main function is to access web resources and to maintain the #Netbox blockchain network functions. Over 50,000 unique downloads.


1. Say no to commercial browser

The time has changed, now you can enjoy maximum browser service without any additional costs. No more commercial action is imposed on you in return for the use of third-party services because Netbox is fully decentralized. Leave the conventional system, it’s time to change. Your data and privacy are safe in a blockchain network, covering the shortcomings of web browsers targeted by hackers because of the many gaps in the security system.
Be free, smart, and independent.

2. Complete products, everything you need is here

Netbox.Global decentralized products really provide maximum services and features for user convenience. Imagine, you can pack more in one browser to perform various activities, you also have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency, trade, save data, watch videos, make payments, etc. Practical right?

The products from Netbox.Global that you can use are:

  • Netbox.Browser — a web browser with pay to surf model.
  • Netbox.Chain and Netbox.Coin — a blockchain network and cryptocurrency.
  • Netbox.Wallet — a multi-currency crypto-wallet.
  • Netbox.Pay — a payment solution.
  • Netbox.Vote — initiative and voting tool.
  • Netbox.Trust — a website trust rating.
  • Netbox.Video — blockchain video hosting service.
  • Netbox.Drive — a distributed cloud storage.
  • Netbox.Proxy — a distributed proxy.
  • Netbox.Store — distributed application marketplace.

full information about products above you can learn more in whitepapers


3. Earn extra by staking and running masternode
Netbox.Browser is a web browser as well as a blockchain node. Come on staking, participate in blockchain infrastructure with PoS and get rewarded. There are two main ways to stake your Netbox.Coin (NBX): first using traditional core wallet interface; second using Netbox.Wallet which is integrated into Netbox.Browser with the Netbox Staking Pool.

Netbox.coin allocated for activating masternode is not stored in masternode; this avoids the case of an attack on the server, where the masternode is located. 10,000 Netbox Coin allocated to users will remain safe.

4. Netbox Coin (NBX) tradable on several exchanges
NBX is a Netbox pride coin that can be used by users in various activities on this network. #NBX coins can be stored in Netbox.Wallet. Netbox also works with Magnum wallet, so you can also use the wallet as alternative storage. #NBX is also available at CoinGecko, you can see a brief review there and monitor global price movements.

The rapid growth of the price of NBX coins from 0.00000218 to 0.00001000 BTC!

NBX coins can be traded on several exchanges, including:










5. Broad network with a profitable partnership
Extensive network and promising partnerships are one of the keys to the success of a project. That is why Netbox always innovates and collaborates with a variety of companies, applications, and support services. This is all for development that makes users more comfortable.

Netbox’s partner

Other partners include: ihostmn, BC games, Pecunia, and

6. Netbox Coin (NBX) is now listed on Blockfolio
NBX has also been registered in Blockfolio. This makes it easy for you to get notifications when there are price movements, both up and down, directly to your device, so you don’t miss important moments.

7. Bonuses for participation in community
You will get a bonus only by installing Netbox.browser, creating Netbox.Wallet, performing in-browser activities and participating in Netbox.Global community. If you use Netbox.Browser, you get daily rewards for it. Current daily budget for using Netbox.Browser about 3000 NBX.

You can also get bonuses from the referral program. Each of you get 1 NBX. For more details:

Get 20 NBX Airdrop reward for creating Netbox.Wallet (for the first 125 000 browser users). For more details:

8. Professional Team
A professional and experienced team is needed to achieve the project’s targets and success. Netbox is built on a strong foundation from a reliable team. Here’s a brief profile.


Netbox’s Team

The team always grows with the cooperation of several influential people. Later, the team is growing with new members, namely Mr Dmitriy Sheludko — CEO of CoinBene Russia (TOP-8 cryptocurrency exchange). Attracted $ 40M for various projects.

Mr Dmitriy Sheludko became Advisor, who will be responsible for Netbox Business Development

That’s my review of the internet, web browser, blockchain and the innovations made by Netbox to maximize web browsers for the latest needs. Hopefully can provide a lot of information and useful for you.

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Disclaimer: This article is only intended for education, there is no compulsion for you to join. DWYOR.
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