The First Worldwide Cryptocurrency Event!

Human needs are also inseparable from the need for entertainment, there are many types of entertainment that can be an option today such as #sportingevent #onlinetournament. Although not a basic need, this need is also considered important by most people at this time. Along with the passage of time and the increasing number of activities or activities carried out by humans, there arises a need for entertainment which is considered to be an alternative to overcome the saturation of the activities that have been passed, one way is with various fun and challenging games.

You must already know popular game…

🐶The fastest DeFi meme dog; 🚀running on Polkaswap

A few months ago, a tweet from one of the influencers — who you know for sure — made big waves on the Doge chart, which previously only showed a flat line. Since then crypto memes have started to emerge and become a new trend in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Data on Coinmarketcap shows that the market cap in crypto memes stands at over $37 billion as of today.

A lot of crypto memes are popping up, is this really a good opportunity?

To answer that question, we need to learn more about what crypto memes are, how to get a…

staking and farming with Merl

Everyone’s dream is to own assets and generate income from those assets. There are various ways to use it as a source of passive income. There is a way of saving with a deposit system at the bank, there is also an annual profit from stock assets, and the most recent and most recent is getting passive income from crypto.

Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic came and made us have to work extra hard for the last two years. Some have to lose their jobs, incomes drop, while normal activities have to be restricted, everyone is really having a hard…

Consists of five major platforms that empower five different concepts of DeFi trading

Companies in various sectors, ranging from retail, transportation, medical, real estate, advertising, crypto-asset exchange, to banking and finance have also started to ‘experiment’ with blockchain technology to be applied to their business processes. Then, what does blockchain have to do with the topic of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the financial world?

Since last year, the term “DeFi” has become a hot topic not only among blockchain industry players but also financial industry players in general. DeFi can be interpreted as a financial system that is developed or runs on a decentralized blockchain network system. …

Auto-compound your assets. Earn BTCB, ETH, BNB & extra MERL

Talking about cryptocurrencies cannot be separated from mining, trading, investing, and payment activities. Now many people are starting to transact using bitcoin and altcoins, often using them as investment tools and turning them into trading commodities. Cryptocurrencies offer quite lucrative benefits, especially when viewed from an increasingly promising value increase system, for example, Bitcoin managed to rise significantly enough to create a new ATH (All-Time High) on April 14, 2021 (2 months ago) with a price reaching $64,863.10.

As technology develops in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the ways to profit from the crypto world are increasing. At first, we may only…

Auto-compound your assets. Earn BTCB, ETH, BNB & MERL

Have you ever thought of a safe and effective way to invest in DeFi so you don’t miss this hype? Or, maybe you are still confused: should I invest in DeFi?

It looks like you have to start considering this current way of investing. Based on current data, digital assets valued at approximately $ 62.41B exist under various DeFi protocols. Many investors are starting to show great interest in this asset. …

the largest DeFi ecosystem with DEX, IMO and DAO integrated

Initially, people used cash as a payment instrument. Until now, this payment instrument is still used everywhere. Other payment instruments are also used such as electronic transfers or bank transfer systems. People started using this payment method which resulted in a surge in transactions via the internet. Internet banking transactions skyrocketed and became a big step that made many people start switching there.

As technology develops, new payment instruments using cryptocurrency have emerged. …

Keeps your coins safe without fear of loss

We’ve all heard about “blockchain” a lot, right?

Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly reduce costs and times of cross-border banking transactions and disrupt businesses in the financial services sector, which up to now, digital transactions between banks still use a central server. However, with blockchain technology, this function will be upgraded and the data stored is also safe because it is encrypted.

Blockchain and crypto assets become the main points since their beginning. Nowadays large international companies consider blockchain as a solution to modern market challenges. …

All You Need to Know About ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

Mutual Funds are a popular type of investment among investors. This instrument is popular with beginners because of its simplicity. Mutual Funds are an investment alternative for the investor community, especially small investors and investors who do not have much time and ability to calculate risks or analyze their investments. Mutual Funds are designed as a means to raise funds from people who have capital, have the desire to invest, but do not have sufficient time and knowledge.

However, what about an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)? Have you heard of it?

1| ETF, what is it?

ETF is a Mutual Fund in the form of…


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