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A few months ago, a tweet from one of the influencers — who you know for sure — made big waves on the Doge chart, which previously only showed a flat line. Since then crypto memes have started to emerge and become a new trend in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Data on Coinmarketcap shows that the market cap in crypto memes stands at over $37 billion as of today.

A lot of crypto memes are popping up, is this really a good opportunity?

What are crypto memes? — — — — — — — —🚀

Crypto meme is a new term that is often used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts to describe coins or tokens that do not have any fundamental function specifically for the real world, mostly created to get instant profit by taking advantage of market or community support. Crypto memes gain their popularity usually with the support of influencers and retail investors who heavily “influence” their followers.

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Whereas Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and other cryptocurrencies are generally created with a specific purpose and function that is useful in real life. For example, Bitcoin, which initially functions as a peer-to-peer payment, now become an investment asset and a high-value trading commodity, even some experts argue that bitcoin can be a safe haven despite the high risk. While Ethereum technology is widely used by developers to build projects with blockchain-based applications, and BNB Coin for more profitable transaction activities in the Binance exchange niche. With real functions and significant developments, making the fundamental support of cryptocurrencies even clearer. so the growth of these coins seems significant and the potential is good for the long term.

Then what about crypto memes?

With weak fundamentals, prices will not be easy to maintain and only depend on “sponsors”, so many investors sell immediately to make a profit. That’s why crypto memes don’t last long, once the public hysteria subsides, investors will easily switch to other assets. And certainly what will happen next is a decrease in prices.

To overcome this weakness, Polkadog is here to break the public’s view of crypto memes! Polkadog comes with a new innovation that takes crypto memes one step further.

Polkadog Innovation — — — — — — — — 🚀

Polkadog innovates to deliver meaningful crypto memes, by supporting its main mission to deliver the best and safest decentralized exchange: Polkaswap. You will get a pleasant trading experience at full speed and low fees with PDOG support.

And to maintain the sustainability of the PDOG token for the long term, a roadmap that is very beneficial for the community has been prepared. There will be PDOG V1 and PDOG V2, the earlier you join, the greater the chance for future profits. With this plan, the team is trying to break the common belief that crypto memes are not effective enough in the long term, and this is how PDOG does it! Here’s an outline of the flow:

Why NOT buy PDOG! — — — — — — — — 🚀

The Polkadog Ecosystem can be used by anyone. Maximum function, fairway, and transparent. By using PDOG which is on the ERC-20 network, you get the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy fast trading with low fees
  • Support the best DEX — maximize better results
  • Get a chance to join a profitable airdrop
  • Enjoy Farming Games and get a chance to earn passive income
PDOG Distribution

PDOG is 100% self-funded and community-owned, everyone who wants to own must buy tokens. There are no funds for the team, so the dev team who wants PDOG will have to buy it too. Each user is also limited to a maximum of 50,000 $PDOG, this is in anticipation of someone’s market domination. The Dev Team really wants to provide a fair ecosystem for all users. Fair right? we all start from the same starting line.

No pre-sale! Instead of getting pre-sale funds, the dev team opted for a fair launch to ensure fair distribution from the start. Although many were skeptical at first, the dev team managed to break those doubts and was able to achieve development targets with promise.

Of course, in the long term the market will be widen and the main target of the team is to join the Binance. To that end, in order to meet Binance’s high liquidity standards, the team reserves 5% of the total supply. By owning PDOG you have the opportunity to be part of the incredible meme token development. Interesting right?

PDOG offers lots of great features like token burning, redistribution to token holders, airdrops, farming, maximum security, etc. It allows you to get a lot of profit in just one click.

The PDOG sale is still on, you still have a chance to get it. You have the opportunity to buy it until July 5, buy limit 50k $PDOG per person, the goal is to create a fair ecosystem and provide opportunities for the community as a whole.


The future potential of PDOG — — — — — 🚀

Good support and response from the community is an indicator that a project has good potential. Here are some things you need to know why joining the Polkadog ecosystem is very promising for the development of your assets.

  • Registered on a trusted tracker website: Coinmarketcap and coingecko!
    From this trusted platform, we can see real-time PDOG price developments. There is a lot of other useful information that you can use to do your analysis.
  • Targeting the Binance market
    In token allocation, the dev team specifically prepares 5% of the total allocation to be able to meet the high liquidity in the Binance market. It’s not easy to achieve, but the team is trying hard to keep developing the community and being able to penetrate the Binance market.
  • There are many interesting services that you can use
    1) Airdrop, there is an airdrop for the initial shield of PDOG V1 and bringing it to PDOG V2. Keep watching Medium Polkadog for further information.
    2) Farming, by increasing liquidity in Polkaswap or Uniswap, you have the opportunity to earn passive income in PDOG. The team provides 30 Million PDOG which is for farming rewards for approximately 4 years.

for developments globally and comprehensively, you can see it in the following Roadmap.

This article is not investment advice, it is for informational purposes only. If you are interested in joining, you should do an in-depth analysis first. Please use the following link to connect with Polkadog



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