The Potential of Crypto Commonwealth to Endowing All Explorations of New Knowledge

A Scientific Publisher and Asset Managing Platform on Blockchain

Today, cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to grow and attract many people. As its popularity continues to grow, cryptocurrency is the best alternative for investing, trading, and becoming a very popular field of employment among millennials. No wonder so many economists and investment experts study this niche. The general public also needs reliable and valid sources of information and scientific studies to obtain relevant information.

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This niche is very potential to be developed, besides that there are many opportunities in the digital industry that are very volatile. That is why Crypto Commonwealth built a semi-decentralized ecosystem aimed at the welfare of all people. The dev team strives to benefit all investors, whether large or small, to enjoy the benefits of the blockchain industry.

Why is Crypto Commonwealth interesting?

Crypto Commonwealth has many offers, can be a scientific publisher and blockchain-based asset manager dedicated to enlarging opportunities, maximizing benefits and increasing user welfare.

To support community optimization, the dev team created COMM. COMM is a cryptocurrency that circulates on the global payment network Crypto Commonwealth. COMM can be used by users to participate in and benefit from publicity, quantitative analysis, trading strategies, and insight into the crypto market industry. COMM is fully functional in the subscription, circulation and investment ecosystem.

The dev team is preparing some features and strategies to strengthen the community, just look at this
✔️ Subscription and publishing fee payment
✔️ Compensation to authors, reviewers, editors
✔️ Team’s tokens locked & to release in 5 years
✔️ Lockable investing right at 1 COMM : 1 USD
✔️ Hot strategy book building fee
✔️ Actively inviting funds to partner with us
✔️ Assist in data, funding and talent search

Why Choose Crypto Commonwealth?

One of the main reasons this project is interesting is that the product is already operational. The dev team has received high-quality publications from leading scholars on cryptocurrency and blockchain research. Several publications from research results have helped professional investors in asset management with substantial returns. In addition, COMM also has its own interests in its strategy of creating liquidity through a locked system. Another potential of this project is because it has unique aspects that are a pity if passed up!

  1. Legality guaranteed
    The Commonwealth Foundation is registered in Singapore as CLG (Company Limited with Guarantees). This is a non-profit organization registered with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Company) and regulated by the Singapore Companies Act. with non-profit activities based on national or public interests. The dev team complies with all applicable laws and regulations, not only focusing on innovation but this project also complies with existing rules and legality. This provides a sense of security and increases the confidence of investors and all users involved.
  2. Expert Team
    A strong team is key to the success of a project. The project team consists of quantitative researchers, senior data / IT engineers, scholars and thinkers with varied backgrounds. There are members involved with Harvard, MIT, Google, Cadence, Worldquant, Poloniex and more, truly potential human resources.

Meet the team, here!

3. User Friendly and Highly Secured
This project uses COMM which is built on the ERC-20 chain. We know that ERC-20 is very popular among crypto enthusiasts, so this makes it easier for teams to build strong communities. All wallets that are compatible with ERC-20 can be used to store COMM, like MyEtherWallet, imToken, TREZOR, Ledger, etc. Each block and transaction that COMM receives is legal, decentralized, and irreversible, this can increase the security of your assets and do not require a third party. Security audited by CertiK

Token info
Token Type:ERC-20
Total supply:1,000,000,000 COMM
ICO Price:1 COMM = 0.11 USD

4. Rated top 10 among 5700+ ICO projects by
If you want a more in-depth review, please read the reviews from ICOMarks. You will get a more detailed summary of this project. This project received a pretty good rating: 9.6, in terms of ICO profile, social activity, and team proof.

5. Planned ecosystem management
Project development is planned by considering many things. This project has been prepared since 2017 and continues to experience development until now. All plans and strategies are truly prepared to achieve the desired goals. You can read more about the roadmap in Whitepaper. For the long term, the team is building several stock market portfolios, trying to collaborate with professional portfolio managers to mark their strategies, as well as writers to sell a percentage of their future royalties on the chain.

That is my review of the potential of Crypto Commonwealth, hopefully, this will benefit you and add to our insights regarding the crypto world. Remember, always do analysis before deciding to join or invest, dwyor.

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