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Have you ever thought of a safe and effective way to invest in DeFi so you don’t miss this hype? Or, maybe you are still confused: should I invest in DeFi?

It looks like you have to start considering this current way of investing. Based on current data, digital assets valued at approximately $ 62.41B exist under various DeFi protocols. Many investors are starting to show great interest in this asset. Moreover, decentralized finance (DeFi) provides many solutions and arouses optimism for those who are interested in cryptocurrency, where a decentralized financial system can be applied to compete with conventional financial systems that are centralized.

$ 62.41B is fantastic, even though the DeFi ecosystem only managed around the US $ 1 billion in early 2020. This fantastic increase in DeFi’s assets led many analysts to promote DeFi’s potential lucrative while warning of possible crypto-asset bubbles and security risks.

Yes, security is an important factor, because many of the DeFi protocols are still new and haven’t been audited. The DeFi network has a different mechanism for calculating the value of tokens locked on their platform, unfortunately, this mechanism has negative consequences such as slippage of prices on some transactions.

This is what encourages Merlin to innovate, presenting a platform that is safe and provides many opportunities for users to profit in the DeFi ecosystem.

Why should you choose Merlin?

Merlin is a DeFi platform with auto compounding with an effective ecosystem to increase returns safely and sustainably. Merlin is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, offering many lucrative farming options.

Mission: Merlin exists to increase freedom, accessibility and asset sovereignty for everyone in the digital economy.

Hacken Cybersecurity audit report

Merlin has also implemented a timelock in all vaults to maximize user security. With the timelock, it requires a period of time on any changes made to any smart contract. Combined with smart contracts audited by trusted firms, and in-depth checks and audits for each project before it is officially launched on the market. It is expected to provide a very safe service.

In addition to these working products, and various future plans that have been prepared in such a way in the Roadmap, Merlin also has long-term goals, namely:
1) to exist in all chains,
2) to significantly increase the value of MERL tokens by developing functional products,
3) to increase protocol security through regular audits from competent parties,
4) to create sustainable blockchain products

How to invest with Merlin?

There are two ways you can choose, namely through crypto staking programs and yield farming (liquidity mining). Both of these ways are very profitable, it’s like passive income, and you really act as an investor where the money is working for you, that’s cool, right?

What is the difference between crypto staking and yield farming?

Crypto staking is a way to generate crypto assets simply by validating transactions that take place on top of the blockchain system with a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm system. In the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, you can mine or validate crypto-asset transactions on the blockchain according to the number of coins that you “lock”. Thus, the more coins you have, the higher your stake will be.

Currently, many decentralized platforms offer staking services, one of which is

It’s very easy, you only need to prepare the Merl token and “save” it to a Metamask wallet that has been set to the Binance Smart Chain network for a certain period of time on pancakeswap. Then, you just have to wait while doing other productive activities in the real world. It’s easy, right? You can get passive income without having to deal with the technical aspects of staking because those aspects will be done automatically by pancakeswap.

How to stake MERL

Yield Farming is also known as liquidity mining or liquidity mining, a way to make a profit by owning crypto assets. Yield Farming can run when Liquidity Providers (LPs) act as users placing their crypto assets into a liquidity pool (Liquidity Pools). Liquidity Providers can be interpreted as lenders, in other words, your crypto assets can later be borrowed and used by other users.

Liquidity Pools are smart contracts that lock in funds from lenders. With the inclusion of crypto in the liquidity pool, lenders will later get rewards or interest according to the crypto that you lend.

This activity is similar to ordinary savings. You only need to add liquidity on the platform and then receive “interest” from the activity. Profit from yield farming is usually calculated on an annual basis. Some of the commonly used metrics are Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The difference between the two, lies in the combination of tokens, if APR takes into account the value of compounding tokens, APY does not take this into account. Compounding here means reinvesting the profits directly to generate more profit.

How to add liquidity

Well, crypto staking and yield farming have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Yield farming does not require you to “lock” crypto-assets in your digital wallet within a certain period of time, so you can withdraw them at any time. Meanwhile, crypto staking enforces a stricter policy. You are required to store crypto assets for a certain period of time. During this time, you cannot move or sell the asset.

The decision is yours. Perform analysis to find the method that best suits your interests and abilities. Remember, investing in cryptocurrency is high risk.

If you are interested, please visit Merlin’s official website and social media accounts. The team will be happy to help you.

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Important point

❓ What is MERL?
Merl is a token utility in the Merlin ecosystem, which you can use for staking and farming, Win more $ MELR via your MERL lottery (Coming soon) Receive rewards from cross-chain vaults (Coming soon)

❓ What is staking?
Staking is a way to earn interest on crypto assets that you are key to staking.

❓ What is yield farming?
Yield Farming is the practice of storing and lending crypto assets for high yields.

This is not investment advice, this article is for informational purposes only. Please do an in-depth analysis before joining any project.


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