Getting to Know FTXFund: A New Blockchain-Based Financial System Alternative

Consists of five major platforms that empower five different concepts of DeFi trading

Companies in various sectors, ranging from retail, transportation, medical, real estate, advertising, crypto-asset exchange, to banking and finance have also started to ‘experiment’ with blockchain technology to be applied to their business processes. Then, what does blockchain have to do with the topic of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the financial world?

Since last year, the term “DeFi” has become a hot topic not only among blockchain industry players but also financial industry players in general. DeFi can be interpreted as a financial system that is developed or runs on a decentralized blockchain network system. Here, DeFi tries to ‘move’ various centralized finance (CeFi) services, such as lending (lend, borrow, loan), trade, saving, transfer, insurance, and so on to run on a decentralized blockchain network system as one of the Distributed Ledger Technology solutions.

Simply put, DeFi is an open financial system without intermediaries, which has been successfully used in crypto-asset transactions. With DeFi, crypto-assets can be transacted, transferred, traded, or used for other financial activities efficiently, securely, and concisely without involving third parties.

This high accessibility is expected to be able to overcome various financial problems posed by the current CeFi financial system. In addition, DeFi is transparent, meaning that the recorded financial activity of DeFi will be open source because it can be audited by anyone. It’s these potentials that FTXFund wants to develop to deliver a complete DeFi ecosystem in one click.


FTXFund — is a blockchain platform business engaged in investment and financial technology focusing on Digital Real Estate Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, E-Commerce, Business Social Network, and International Payment Gateway. FTXFund is here to realize a complete platform in one click aka all in one.

Imagine … freedom is in your hands, all the needs you want can be done in one platform.

Here are the five main services you’ll find on FTXFund:

  1. WOWIDEX — Decentralized Exchange
    FTX Fund is committed to providing a user-friendly decentralized exchange, not only for professional traders but also for newcomers.
  2. ONSTORA — E-Commerce
    FTXFund built a platform that makes it easy for you to shop through a network of partners around the world, with the support of blockchain technology that makes recording transactions easier. You will also be spoiled with various facilities, such as the ease of paying with Visa, MasterCard, and Unipay to make FTXF payments from fiat currencies in more than 180 countries.
  3. PAYGATE — Global Payment Gateway
    PAYGATE is designed to be an all-in-one multi-system payment system. Users can maximize easy payments with crypto and fiat integration. Make life easier.
  4. WETAON — Business Social Network
    Social media is a new trend for self-expression. Identical to the development of updated news, without topic restrictions, it will be even more interesting when it is associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Yes, FTXFund brings this unique ecosystem for millennials. Ready to share with the world?
  5. DIASPLATE — Digital Real Estate
    FTX Fund tries to realize your dream of owning digital real estate globally by leveraging the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Token Sale

Now you can participate in the FTXF token sale starting from JUN 01, 2021 (10:00) with a Tokens Exchange rate of 1 FTXF = 0.7$.

How to participate? Please see the instructions in the following video.


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