Here are tips for getting money from home during the pandemic with Merlin

staking and farming with Merl

Everyone’s dream is to own assets and generate income from those assets. There are various ways to use it as a source of passive income. There is a way of saving with a deposit system at the bank, there is also an annual profit from stock assets, and the most recent and most recent is getting passive income from crypto.

Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic came and made us have to work extra hard for the last two years. Some have to lose their jobs, incomes drop, while normal activities have to be restricted, everyone is really having a hard time. We must be good at finding other sources of income that can be used to meet the needs of life even though space is limited. Yes! one of the most profitable is to profit from cryptocurrencies. How to?

🚀 Passive Income from Crypto

Recently, people are talking about booming, especially if it’s not passive income from cryptocurrency. The wider adoption of cryptocurrency in everyday life makes developers around the world innovate to make crypto easier to use.

Currently, many Decentralized Finance (DeFi) development projects create a system that makes it easier for users to get additional cryptocurrency with only the cryptocurrency they have. This system is called yield farming and staking.

In a simple analogy, these two systems are similar to deposit systems at ordinary banks, getting crypto money from the crypto you have. However, yield farming and staking have several different ways of working. Of course, due to their decentralized nature, these systems make everything completely automated and without intermediaries. Such as market automation with the term Auto Market Maker (AMM), smart contracts, APR, APY, etc.

The basic difference between yield farming and staking is when it comes to “locking in” crypto assets. Yield farming does not require you to “lock” crypto assets in the digital wallet within a certain time frame, meaning you can withdraw the crypto asset savings at any time.

Meanwhile, crypto staking enforces stricter policies. You are required to keep the crypto asset for a certain period of time, and during that period, you cannot move or sell the asset.

🚀How to Staking and Farming with Merl

Merlin is a multifunctional platform that you can use to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies through staking and farming with Merl tokens supported by the Binance smart chain. Merlin is committed to providing functional and secure services, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your assets, the Merlin ecosystem has gone through an audit process by Hacken cybersecurity.

To know more about Merlin and why you should choose it, you can read my previous article:

Here are the easy steps to stake and farm with Merl

1. Creating a BSC wallet at Metamask

There are several wallets that you can use to store Merl, but for staking and farming, I suggest using Metamask to make it easier to manage.
If you haven’t installed Metamask, please download it here.
Then, to create a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet on Metamask, please follow this guide

2. Deposit BNB (BEP-20) to Metamask
You need BNB (BEP-20) as a gas or transaction fee for staking and farming activities on the BSC network. You can earn BNB (BEP-20) by buying it on the and Binance.bridge

3. Buy MERL
Merl is currently listed on Pancakeswap.
You can buy Merl with BNB pair via the following link link

If the Merl token that you have purchased does not automatically enter your Metamask list, please add a token by entering the MERL Contract Address: 0xda360309c59cb8c434b28a91b823344a96444278​

In the near future, Merl will also be listed on other exchanges (DEX and CEX) to increase its reach

4. You are ready to stake and farm with Merl
Once you have BNB for gas or to buy Merl, you are ready to staking or farming.

You will not regret choosing Merlin as an alternative to get passive income from cryptocurrency. With the biggest Apy on BSC, what more could you want?

I hope this article can help you to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. But remember, this is not investment advice, I’m just sharing information. You should analyze and study this as best you can, and understand the risks before joining.
Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon and we can get back to normal activities.

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This is not investment advice, this article is for informational purposes only. Please do an in-depth analysis before joining any project.


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