Physical vs Digital Gold Investment: Which is Better?

Alternative gold investment with Digital Gold

There are many investment instruments today, such as finance and commodities. For investment in the commodity category, gold is one of the promising investments. There are many factors that cause people to like a gold investment. Starting from its resistance to inflation to the easy buying and selling process.

The development of gold investment is very diverse. If the previously gold investment was limited to physical ownership, now gold investment can be non-physical through gold savings products. Gold investment can also be made through securities ownership such as Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

This high community interest in gold investment has led to the emergence of various platforms to buy gold in new and modern ways, adapted to the times. The new method in question is to buy gold digitally or through a certain platform that can be accessed through a computer or even a mobile device. One of the platforms to buy gold in digital/crypto platform is DIGITAL GOLD. Digital gold offers many advantages. This exciting innovation between gold and blockchain gives investors a lot of convenience through GOLD tokens. The GOLD token is based on the Ethereum network and is 100% backed by physical gold.

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Some are doubtful and some are interested. As a new way, buying gold online or digital certainly has advantages and disadvantages compared to buying gold directly and in cash.

Then, which one is better? Check out the explanation here.

We can get gold easily at trusted jewellery stores or gold outlets near where we live. However, this method is less effective in this fast-paced and practical modern era. After passing a certain distance, you still have to queue before you buy and sell transactions. So it takes a lot of time and energy, right?

That is why buying gold online or digital is a good alternative. Selling and buying gold transactions you can do from home, even just by using a mobile phone. No need to queue anymore because all transactions can be done instantly fast. This saves your time and energy.


With Digital GOLD, you will get the convenience of investing GOLD tokens which price is equivalent to gold. You can easily buy GOLD tokens by using BTC or ETH. The benefits you get: fast, no-cost, safe and secure transactions. The best way to get GOLD tokens:

Purchasing physical gold, usually done in the smallest unit of 0.5 gram, continues to 1 gram, 2 grams, 3 grams, 10 grams, and 25 grams, and so on. Many people assume that investing in gold requires a lot of capital. Because the price of 1 gram of gold is currently more than 55 $. For some people, it is quite difficult because there are still many other basic needs that must be met, even though he/she wants to invest with gold. Therefore, buying physical gold feels heavier.

We can collect money before reaching the desired nominal. However, the price of gold changes every day. We could have missed the right timing to buy. The worst possibility is that the price of gold rises higher when your money is still not fully collected.

This is where digital gold investment becomes a very appropriate solution. Buying gold digitally allows us to buy in small amounts. Whenever according to the timing that you feel is right to invest. The important thing you need to remember is, investing requires goals and careful calculations.

GOLD tokens are a great alternative for you. Invest with gold in a modern way, and in accordance with the times. You will get a lot of convenience and profits in investing. Visit the Digital GOLD marketplace, and try various innovations and attractive offers there. You can buy GOLD Tokens, whatever you want.

By investing in digital gold, you are free to determine the timing according to your analysis based on gold price movements.
You can do digital gold purchases more often than physical gold because of the ease of access. As explained in the first point, you can buy digital gold from home using a computer or mobile device. You can make purchases with any nominal, makes you more comfortable.

You can set a digital gold purchase plan, according to the ability of funds and timings that you want. This increases your chances of getting bigger profits because you can get the right moment at the right time.

In the Digital GOLD marketplace, you can purchase and sell GOLD tokens instantly using BTC and ETH.

We can buy physical gold and then entrust it to the company concerned with certain deposit fees. These costs include protection against gold from various risks, such as loss and damage. We can also store the gold yourself without spending a deposit, but we must be prepared with the risk of loss and damage.

This can also happen to digital gold deposited in a related company. Usually, there are hidden costs that settle and cannot be withdrawn.

Then, what’s the solution?

Digital GOLD guarantee GOLD token’s liquidity. Unlimited amount of GOLD token can be purchased/redeemed instantly 24/7. No fees on transactions. There are no storage fees, everything is safe in your personal wallet. The important point is that you must use a wallet that is completely safe and reliable.

By buying physical gold that means you immediately have the gold. You can touch it, carry it, and store it at home. In other words, you can have the gold physically. This ownership and direct-contact give a sense of security and guarantee that we really have the gold, especially proven with ownership documents. This gives security to someone who is always worried about spending money on something that is unclear or unreal.

With Digital GOLD, even though you don’t have gold directly (because you can only buy gold in small amounts and keep it in a crypto wallet), the gold is officially yours. Every accumulated gold is also supported by the same amount of physical gold, you can verify the amount of physical gold stored at any time.

So, you don’t need to worry anymore about the security guarantee of GOLD tokens because 100% is supported by physical gold and the amount of physical gold stored can be matched with the total number of real-time tokens.

Gold is a safe asset because it can protect against inflation and the decline in currency values. Digital and physical gold investment have advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better?
it really depends on your needs and passion, what you need to consider is adjusting it to your needs, financial capabilities, and investment goals.

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