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Blockchain-based games are increasingly growing, from adventures, collectable card fights, catfights, and historical hero hunting — these diverse games all use blockchain to provide gamers with a unique experience. Blockchain and crypto are increasingly gaining traction in the gaming industry. Blockchain developers are starting to use blockchain to build a unique economy in the game, players can have digital assets that can be traded to get interesting and rare items in the game.

🐾 Gaming industry So Far

The appearance of the Decentralize App (DAPP) gives a lot of new hope to the gaming industry. We all know that lots of games today are online games with a centralized system. It's mean that all data, both logins and passwords, are stored on the server and controlled by the administrator or the owner of the game (Items, logins, passwords, and virtual money are all regulated by the game administrator. such). With the Blockchain Game and Dapp Concept, no user data is stored and controlled by the administrator or owner-manager of the game.

In fact, there are several weaknesses in the current game industry that Blockchain Game can help with, these weaknesses are:

  • Server Error because of technical problems
  • Infiltration of the system from hackers
  • Games that can be closed at any time
  • Suspend account by Game manager
  • Manipulation of virtual item values from the game by managers and administrators
  • There is no data transparency from the game

Some of the problems above are classic problems faced by the gaming industry today. This challenge makes Kittiefight here to provide a pleasant experience for gamers.

🐾 Kittiefight Innovation

KittieFight is a gamified mortal combatant for CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties was one of the first games to draw great attention to the potential of blockchain gaming. You can use ETH to buy cute cartoon cats with different attributes and gems. You can also breed them to pass on their genetic traits to future generations, thus creating a new, unique breed of cat. As with other blockchain games, you have a cat and can freely sell them as you like.

Kittie (source: Kittefight Twitter)

KittieFight offers a crowd-based real-time Dapp fighting game on the Ethereum blockchain. Players go through the NFT cat registration process to get paid and to be placed in matches. Kittiefight will make Cryptokitties famous by these main strategies: 1) Competitive game to take advantage to win Ether and Kittiefight token (KTY); 2) Cutting down on the supply of kittens through a mechanism called KittieHELL.

Some of the advantages of KittieFight are:

  • Personal data is in the hands of the user not in the hands of the administrator or game manager
  • Unique virtual item ownership
  • Decentralize market for virtual items
  • Fast, unlimited and peer to peer payment system
  • FairPlay Game

How to participate?

  1. You must go to the kittiefight page and register with the current cryptokitties address or proceed to the list of NFT cats that will be used in the match.
  2. Pay a fee to register an NFT Cat with KTY.
  3. Any number of honeypots (Ether and KTY Tokens) will be linked to the battle match (scheduler and challenger).
  4. Both the scheduler and challenger of the scheduled match must invite supporting viewers for the match to take place.
  5. Supporters register to participate in the scheduled match, and must pay for match tickets with KTY. The audience can choose to support the scheduler or challenger.

Read the rules and mechanics of the game here!
For a complete way to play, read here!

🐾 The deadly combo of Blockchain Gaming and Yield Farming

This clear that KittieFight gives players with all the important tools to make money and have fun. Gamers can participate in yield farming, or provide liquidity, etc. Through Volcano Yield Farming, KittieFIGHT distributes KTY and SDAO tokens to Yield Farmers who have provided liquidity at Uniswap V2. There are 7% or 7,000,000 of the total fixed KTY token supply and 7% or 7,000,000 of the total SDAO token supply is still allocated for a program with a duration of 6 months. 10% worth 700,000 KTY & 700,000 SDAO from the program allocation is given automatically to participants in the first 21 days of launching the volcano program continuing until the end of the program duration.

Participants can, unstake at any time and will get a regular monthly bonus, according to the specified allocation.

That’s my review of Kittiefight which has great potential in the blockchain gaming industry. It is very clear that blockchain technology has great potential in the gaming industry. Blockchain provides significant advances for players and developers, especially in terms of decentralization and transparency. Besides that, players can also get prizes in matches, a profitable hobby, right? You can make a fight and earn crypto fun with Kittiefight.


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