Tachyon — Making internet traffic private and unrestricted to realize Internet Freedom in today’s age

The internet is an important requirement in modern life. Your computer and gadget will function optimally to communicate, transfer information, economic activities such as trade, and other activities, if the device is connected to the internet network. Internet network makes it easy for computers and similar devices to connect with cyberspace.

This protocol has specific tasks, including being used to mark, set the direction and destination, and other specific tasks in the network to be built. Specifically, the protocol is interpreted as a rule or standard that regulates and allows communication links and data transfer between computers. This protocol also can be applied to hardware and software or a mixture of both.

Protocol (computing) a set of rules that control the way data is sent between computers [Oxford dictionary]

Centralized internet and the problem

✔️ Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
✔️ Internet Protocol (IP)
✔️ User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
✔️ Post office Protocol (POP)
✔️ Simple mail transport Protocol (SMTP)
✔️ File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
✔️ HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
✔️ HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
✔️ Telnet
✔️ Gopher

The standard proxy that connects computers in a wide area network (WAN) and is most commonly used today is TCP / IP. However, TCP / IP must be combined with other components because TCP / IP only functions as a protocol suite. Of course, this makes it less practical.

Besides that, all of the above protocols are centralized. The centralized internet is always weak to deal with problems on the network, cannot protect user data from surveillance, is vulnerable to attacks during transmission, and security is weak. Other than that, the technical problem that often arises is a variety of vulnerable to penetration & piracy, and time wastage when the network is unstable.

The new internet and the solution

We need new solutions and innovations!

That is why Tachyon Protocol rebuilds the TCP / IP. How to? consider the following diagram

Tachyon Protocol rebuild the TCP/IP

By utilizing a decentralized system with a combination of blockchain, Tachyon Protocol reconstructs the TCP / IP model through a decentralized structure, end-to-end encryption, multi-lane routes, traffic concealment, and multi-relay schemes. With three main innovations, Tachyon Protocol offers new convenience in internet traffic:

  • TBU (Tachyon Booster UDP) →uses a combination of distributed technology and cryptographic encryption so as to increase transmission speeds by up to 10x with connection success rates reaching> 90%.
  • TSP (Tachyon Security Protocol) → security protocol to protect the connection against relay nodes, so that it can hide the information being sent, and limit weaken the firewall to detect traffic.
  • TAA (Tachyon Anti-Analysis) → security strategy to counter traffic monitoring by dividing the data into several parts and then transmitted on different channels, this ensures that communication continues smoothly even though one channel is intercepted.

Read Tachyon White Paper

Why you should choose Tachyon Protocol?

1. Different from other similar projects

This is an VPN war on the Blockchain Word!

It is undeniable that this has become a kind of trend, several companies are making innovations with the blockchain and issuing VPN protocols with their own uniqueness. Tachyon Protocol also builds unique niches with strong structures and standards in the project so that it can overcome problems in traditional systems of the old network.

Some strong characters that make the Tachyon Protocol different from similar projects are:

  • provides a comprehensive solution by reconstructing TCP / IP through technology TBU (Tachyon Booster UDP) for transmission acceleration, TSP (Tachyon Security Protocol) and TAA (Tachyon Anti-Analysis) for security protocol and counter traffic monitoring
  • supported by famous brands with millions of users and guaranteed quality such as X-VPN and V Systems
  • have a solid product and almost ready to launch

Download Tachyon VPN for free!

2. Backed by the very strong public blockchain V SYSTEMS and solid internet service provider XVPN

Tachyon support

Tachyon Protocol also combined with X-VPN Tech. X-VPN is one of the world’s leading VPN providers used in more than 200 countries with more than 50 million users. With good product quality, X-VPN is in the top 20 of the Best Cellular Applications on the App Store and Google Play. Tachyon was also revealed on Xangle, which is the most accurate disclosure platform in the cryptocurrency world.
With these strong supporters, can form a strong Tachyon ecosystem with a proven market network. With a good market capacity, the ecosystem can develop well. Strong investor and user trust is the key to everything.

3. IPX Token tradable on Bithumb


Bithumb IPX/KRW
Bithumb Global IPX/USDT

4. IPX Token real-time update on influential and trusted websites

IPX real-time update

5. Get interesting experiences with Tachyon Staking 2.0

What's next Tachyon Protocol innovation?

In general, the Tachyon Protocol provides a good offer in realizing internet freedom. With its innovation with the blockchain and decentralized system, you will have full control over the data you send via the internet, including files, bank information, social media, images, etc. With Tachyon Protocol, get real security and privacy on the internet.

That is my review of the Tachyon Protocol that offers for making private and unrestricted internet traffic to realize Internet Freedom in today’s age. Hope it is useful, remember to always do analysis before making any decision, dwyor.

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