The Worldwide Tournament — Bringing live championship tournaments into the crypto world

The First Worldwide Cryptocurrency Event!

Human needs are also inseparable from the need for entertainment, there are many types of entertainment that can be an option today such as #sportingevent #onlinetournament. Although not a basic need, this need is also considered important by most people at this time. Along with the passage of time and the increasing number of activities or activities carried out by humans, there arises a need for entertainment which is considered to be an alternative to overcome the saturation of the activities that have been passed, one way is with various fun and challenging games.

You must already know popular game shows like Ninja Warrior and Wheel of Fortune, events that are in great demand and have been adopted in several countries around the world. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?
well… imagine if you could be a part of that tournament. You can choose to be a viewer, a player, or even a producer, of course, you will get the opportunity to make a profit.

How can?.

Come join The Worldwide Tournament

🚀 What is The Worldwide Tournament?

Worldwide Tournament is the first project to combine entertainment products with #Crypto involving the general public in international events. This event will be held in 2022 by inviting players from all over the world, which is planned to be held in 7 selected venues on various continents, live for 4 weeks.

Everyone can join, you can choose as Player, Viewer or Producer, what do you want?

The development team has a mission to create and organize events that can be enjoyed by all people by adding an element of #Crypto. So we can have fun and can enjoy technological advancements and invest with cryptocurrencies.

🚀 Is this tournament really happening?

Yes, of course. #TWWT will be held at seven selected venues in 2022 which is planned to involve 125 players. In order to win the game, each participant must collect as many points as possible by completing tournament challenges. The winner is determined by the acquisition of the most points. Details of events, venues, games, and general participant requirements will be officially announced by the team publicly.

🚀What’s the prize?

The dev team is offering participants $500,000, in #NFTs, Bitcoin, cash, and more. In addition, you will be part of the history of enjoying game show entertainment with cryptocurrency. Interesting right? you can get entertainment and the opportunity to be involved in the revolution of progress in finance, future money, cryptocurrencies.

If you are at least over 18 years old, please try to register for this great opportunity. If you are interested, please register here

No registration fee, it’s 100% free!

🚀Do I have to play games to earn?

Of course not. There are many ways to profit with Worldwide Tournament. Worldwide Tournament gives you the opportunity to earn money without physically participating. The conditions are easy, you just need to buy a token and hold it. The team will also launch a staking program that allows you to earn passive income.

If you don’t want to be a player, you can act as an investor #TWWT or producer. If you invest in this project, you will have the opportunity to be involved in several important aspects of the event, such as site selection. You can participate in coin sales through the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) with a promising price offer, you have the opportunity to earn many times over. Coins from this project are planned to use the BSC network and IDO will be hosted on PancakeSwap.

So far the team hasn’t officially announced the name of the coin, but hopefully, this information can increase your curiosity

▪️ Pre-Sale Information

Min. Buy: 0.03 BNB
Max. Buy: 10 BNB
Presale Softcap: 1500 BNB
Launchpad: TBD
Pre-Sale Date: TBD

▪️ Token Information

Token Name: (To Be Announced)
Token Ticker: $???
Token Type: BSC/BEP20
Token Price: 1BNB ≈ 283 $???
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000


This project #TWWT offers many advantages for you. You can be a part of exciting world-class entertainment, with a combination of cryptocurrencies. You can be a player or an investor, depending on where your passion is. Attractive prizes in cryptocurrency also await you. It’s a shame if you missed it, especially for those of you who are interested in becoming investors.
But remember, this is not investment advice, I’m just sharing information regarding potential projects. If you are interested, you should do an in-depth analysis and prepare for the worst risks.

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