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Cloud Computing is a term that we have often heard, however, still less understand what it is the meaning, function, and how Cloud Computing works in daily life. In large companies and organizations, the importance of Cloud Computing is to make it more comfortable to associate from one computer to another without consuming a lot of money and energy.

Recently, the blockchain technology that underlies Bitcoin has grown in popularity. Blockchain is the latest financial technology that supports multiple Information Processing Units (IPU) on virtual financial transactions. Blockchain customers store their data on P2P networks, with the aim of effective utilization of computing resources. Two main algorithms: proof-of-work and proof-of-take, are used to ensure the security of blockchain transactions is truly maintained and decentralized.

In this article, I will review the blockchain application in cloud computing developed by CUDOS. Initially, I will briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and its integration with blockchain. Then the CUDOS method provides solutions to these problems while providing many conveniences in one platform.

If used properly as needed, working with data in the cloud can be of great benefit to any type of business. Some of the advantages that we can take advantage of are: 1)Cost-effective, 2)Unlimited storage, 3)Backup and Restore 4) Automatic Software Integration.

Although the use of the cloud provides a lot of convenience by being accessible anywhere and anytime, there are serious system problems. The SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) warned many companies about Technical issues, security, and prone to Attack in the cloud. We must recognize that new technology is prone to technical problems, even though it guarantees the best maintenance standards. In addition, we must always be connected to the internet, and we know that no internet is completely safe. This is very risky because it involves important personal data. So we really need a solution to solve this problem.

The computing solutions offered by Cudos are truly unique. To solve the misconfiguration of network-accessible storage systems, which lead to accidental data access, Cudos presents a completely decentralized platform. Users can truly feel freedom and security without any influence from third parties. In detail, users will experience decentralized services, including Governance and voting, staking, wallet to store CUDOS token, Multi-Chain, and Develop dApps. The two main compute solutions offered by Cudos are:

  • Layer 2: CUDOS Network
    Cudos provides Layer 2 Solutions to solve scalability problems, such as for measuring payments, for smart contract scaling, and for doing off-chain computing. In essence, moving most of the work outside the chain and using the blockchain as an anchor to ensure security, so that everything is decentralized.
    One of CUDOS flagship products is CUDOS Validator Nodes (CVNs), which control governance on the network and have hardware with encryption capabilities. This can increase security from all sides.

Why Do We Need Layer 2 Solution?

Layer-2 solutions suggest more scalable blockchain, sharding technology,and the transaction can be done via side chains. This makes the blockchain more efficient and fast. Cudos is the first oracle network using layer-2 solutions.

Layer 2 Solution by Cudos (sources: cudos doc)
  • Layer 3: Cudo Compute Platform
    Cudos software can run automatically and efficiently, so it can find out the best workloads used by the user’s hardware. This is based on the large number of data sources that Cudo has regarding hardware. This solution is very effective for management efficiency and cost reduction. With CUDOS, users can adjust their computing power according to their needs. In addition, it can reduce system problems or problems from human error.

This video will give you a summary of what the Cudos project is primarily about.

Cudos provides many services in one platform. Apart from overcoming many problems in cloud computing today, you can also Empowering Smart Contracts, DeFi and the Internet. With guaranteed security and a truly decentralized system. In addition, there are some influential reasons that you should know why you should choose Cudos, that is:

1. Different from other similar projects
Cudos combines the benefits of cloud computing and blockchain. It can decentralize data storage and can be used as part of a data logistics platform. This network allows users to virtually cooperate to analyze and maintain information securely. This means that all transaction data and information is stored in multiple locations in encrypted chunks and stored on multiple participating users’ computers. Thus forming a security layer for transactions and data storage.

2. Supported by a strong partner in validation: Blockventure
Partner support is also great for strengthening investor and user trust. Currently, there are many well-known companies that have joined and supported Cudos, including: BLOCKVENTURE COALITION, OUTLIER VENTURES, etc. BlockVenture Coalition is officially a validator for the CUDOS Validator Network on a Decentralized Cloud Network. This cooperation is very beneficial for both of them in welcoming web 3.0

3. CUDOS token tradable on January
Cudos tokens will be listed in January 2021. Stay tuned for official announcements via official telegram channels and Medium. The CUDOS token has many uses that can be utilized to carry out all activities in the Cudos ecosystem. The three main functions of Cudos tokens are for gaming, staking, and charity. Check out the following infographic.

4. Competent developer and advisor team
Established since 2017, Cudos has made a lot of preparations and very significant developments, yes, three years is not a short time. With the support of a team who are professionals in their fields, and have a lot of experience in the field of computing and blockchain, CUDOS is here to bring effective solutions. Advisor consists of experienced people, such as Jorg Roskowetz (Director of Blockchain for AMD) and Chris Deering
(Former President and CEO of Sony Entertainment Europe ‘father of the Playstation’)

There are many achievements that have been built well. Check out the full explanation in CUDOS Roadmap Recap.

The public sell will also be completed then just waiting for the listing of Cudos in January 2021. For those of you who are left behind the private sale, look forward to the official announcement from the Cudos team for listing on the official exchange. Ready for the surprise?

That’s my review of Cudos to solve problems in computing and improve Security, Interoperability, Scalability in blockchain networks. Hopefully this is useful, for more complete information please visit:


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